CAUTION: Do not plug or unplug wires while machine is powered on.

1. Remove filament from both nozzles (if necessary, cut filament as shown)

2. Put machine into SERVICE mode

On touchscreen home display, click SERVICE MODE.

3. Power down machine

CAUTION: Machine must be powered down to prevent damage to GENESIS board.

4. Wait until hot ends are cool

5. Carefully remove left and right plugs from harness mount by grabbing plugs, not wires (plugs will be tight)

6. Insert M3 allen wrench into left recess in fan cover and loosen

7. Repeat for right recess

8. After both bolts are completely loosened, remove extruder assembly

9. Repeat in reverse order to install new extruder assembly

10. Level extruder assembly

Before resuming operation of the machine, follow the instructions in Article: EVO - Leveling Nozzles.