To level nozzles, perform the following steps:

leveling nozzles on a 3d printer

1. Loosen right bolt and tilt until hot ends are approximately level.

leveling nozzles on a 3d printer

2. Tighten both bolts.


3. For more precise leveling, use the Bed Bob function to enable print bed to be used as a visual guide for leveling nozzles.

To Use Bed Bob

1. Press the CONTROL tab and click the “gear” button.

The machine will autohome, heat and clean nozzles on brush, auto-level, and move the hot end to Home position. The machine will then automatically enter SERVICE MODE, bringing the hot end to center position for easier access.

A new window will open.

2. Click the Bed Bob button to raise the bed.

3. Once the bed is in a fully raised position, make minor adjustments as necessary until nozzles are visually level.

NOTE: The Bed Bob function simply toggles the bed into a raised or lowered position.

4. Once nozzle leveling is complete, click the CLOSE button and the machine will automatically auto-home.