1.  Begin by powering off your printer and unplugging it from the wall.

2.  Remove the back plate.

3.  Remove the hotend assembly by first twisting it clockwise up off the X rod and then to the rear off of the Y rod.


4.  Remove the top plate by taking out the eight screws circled in the picture below.

4.  Remove the secondary (the one on the right as viewing the machine from the front) feeder assembly by removing the single screw that holds it in the acrylic panel.

5.  Cut the zip ties that secure the X motor wire bundle to it's various tie down points.

6.  Being very careful not to cut the wires, cut the heat shrink off of the ends of the woven cable sleeve.  Insert one of the blades of a pair of scissors into the wire end of the heat shrink and split the heat shrink open lengthwise bit by bit.  When you get to where the heat shrink meets the woven material, make sure you get the blade of the scissors between the heat shrink and the woven sleeve.  Do not cut the woven material.

7.  Remove both of your belts that are strung left/right.  To do this, unscrew the screw from your front and rear belt brackets.  The hex nut is face up, but the screw can be accessed beneath.

8.  Remove the screw that secures the rear right corner bracket to the acrylic side plate as shown in the picture below.  Try to keep the hex nut within the corner bracket.

9.  Remove the four screws from the rear right rod bracket.  Keep the hex nuts in the inset spaces they occupy in the rear right corner bracket.  (see picture for step 11)

10.  Remove the four screws shown below that secure the X motor to the rear right corner bracket.

11.  Pull the rear right corner bracket out, twist it around, and raise it up to expose the coupling screw.  Loosen the coupling screw.  Do not remove the screw.  These are tiny and easy to lose.  Remove the X motor and the 3d printed/ acrylic pieces within.

12.  Gripping the motor connector rather than pulling on the wires, unplug the X motor from the Rambo main board.  Pull the X motor wires through the woven sleeve.

--- Installing the new X motor ---

13.  Push the Y axis motor connector into the woven sleeve.  At some point it will become difficult to push the connector through the woven sleeve.  When this occurs, pinch the connector through the sleeve and bunch the sleeve beyond the connector down towards the connector.  With the fingers you're drawing the sleeve up toward the connector, pinch the connector allowing the bunched material to un-bunch along the length of the motor wires.  Use this scrunching method to thread the motor wires all the way through.

14.  Disconnect the white and black limit switch wires/connectors from the Rambo main board and pass them through both heat shrink tubings.  Unclip the red and black wires/connector from the Rambo main board.  Unscrew the little flathead screws that join the ends of the black/red wires to the connector block and pull the wires out.  Pass them through both heat shrink tubings as well.  Pass the four color Y axis motor wires through both heat shrink tubings as well.  Slide the heatshink tubings down and position one at each end of the woven sleeve.  Use a heat gun or a lighter to briefly apply heat to the heat shrink tubings.  If using a lighter, keep the very tip of the flame near the heat shrink tubing.  Pass the lighter quickly under the heat shrink tubing.  Do not hold the lighter stationary or engulf the heat shrink tubing within the flame.  Do not hold the lighter upside down.  Do 4-5 quick passes to completely shrink the heat shrink tubing.

15.  Reconnect the limit switch, red/black wires, and motor wires to the Rambo main board.

16.  Replace the pieces and couple the motor shaft to the rod pictured in step 11.

17.  Replace the screws that secure the X motor to the rear right corner bracket removed in step 10

18.  Replace the screws removed in step 9.

19.  Replace the screw from step 8 that holds the right rear bracket to the acrylic side panel.

20.  Replace the feeder assembly removed in step 4.

21.  Restring both of your belts removed in step 7.  The second screw beneath the bracket pieces can be tightened to tighten the belts.

22.  Replace the top acrylic plate removed in step 4.

23.  Put the hotend assembly back onto the X and Y rods.

24.  Put the back acrylic panel back onto the machine.