Wiring should only be handled when instructed to do so by an Airwolf 3D technician. Wire coloring may vary.

This is a detailed wiring diagram of the RAMBo Circuit Board, with instructions on how each component connects to the board, fuse locations, and other information relevant to its use on Airwolf 3D AXIOM Series.

The only difference in this wiring diagram is the extruder motor wire is now with the ERC wire bundle and not separate on it's own.


1) RAMBo Circuit Board Wiring Diagram:



2) Motors (colors as seen on board from left to right)

  • X-Motor: wrapped with Yellow electrical tape (blue/yellow,green,red)
  • Y-Motor: wrapped with Red electrical tape (red/green,yellow,blue)
  • Z-Motor: wrapped with Blue electrical tape (red/green/yellow,blue)


3) Hot End (colors as seen on board from left to right)

  • Heat0: heat to extruder (green/blue)
  • Fan0: both side fans (pink/yellow)
  • Fan2: heat sink fan (black/white)
  • T0: hot end thermistor (top grey/bottom purple)
  • Hot End Microswitch: X-limit switch on left of hot end (empty/red/brown)
  • Sensor: both hot end and heat bed (empty/white/orange). Third wire actual hot end sensor.
  • E0-Motor: wrapped with White electrical tape (red/green/yellow/blue)


4) Heat Bed (colors as seen on board from left to right)

  • Heat2Bed: heat to bed (black/black)
  • Sensor: both hot end and heat bed (empty/white/orange). Second wire actual heat bed sensor
  • Heat Bed Microswitch: Z-limit switch at bottom of z-rod (white/black/empty)
  • T2: heat bed thermistor (color varies)


5) Viki Screen (colors as seen on board from left to right)

  • Connector 1: orange top left, white bottom right (other colors vary)

  • Connector 2: blue/green/white/yellow


6) Fuses

  • Heat bed: large blue upper right hand corner
  • Hot end: identical to motor fuse
  • Motor: identical to hot end fuse

           Part: Fuse 0448005.MR


7) Microswitches

  • X-limit: hot end left side (empty/red/brow)
  • Y-limit: front left upper corner of printer (empty/black/white)
  • Z-limit: heat bed bottom of z-rod white/black/empty)


 8) RAMBo Circuit Board (no wires):


Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.