In this solution you will learn about the AXIOM model printers fans, both rear and side operation

Rear Fan(s)

Controlled by the printers firmware, there is no manual control of the rear fans

Turn on when 60 degree is reached

Turn off when 260 degrees or above is reached or when the side fans are turned on

Side Fans

Controlled by the gcode, it is highly recommended to let the gcode created in APEX control the side fans, this will be for only PLA, PLA base hybrid filaments and PET(G) filaments,

all other types of filament the side fans are off

You can manually turn the side fans on by going into the Control Menu>Temperatures>Fan Speed and setting them to 255

When letting the side fans be controlled by the gcode, the rear fan(s) will be once the hot end reaches 60 degrees, the rear fan(s) will 

stay on until about the 5th layer of the PLA or PET(G) print then the side fans come on and the rear fan(s) will turn off

If you are having issues with the fan(s) not operating normally, we can check that the wiring to them and the RAMBo board connection is good. 

So you have it for your reference here, this is what we"ll be doing with the multimeter:  What is continuity?

The link above is a short video that describes what continuity is and how to measure it with a multi meter.  In short, an unbroken wire through which electricity can flow is said to "have continuity".  Conversely, a broken wire through which electricity is unable to flow is said to "not have continuity".  Various electrical components, weather they be fuses or hot end heating elements or fans are designed to work in a particular way.  If continuity is broken, the electricity can no longer flow through that component and the component is no longer able to do the thing that it does.  Since breaks in continuity are not always visibly apparent, it's crucial to be able to test it definitively with a meter.

The fan Icon on the VIKI LCD screen is only for the side fans.