APEX opening screen showing recent updates.

After years of testing, Airwolf 3D has created APEX as the official slicing software for all AW3D machines. A user can simply input a model and output it to the print in a matter of minutes. It was created for the sole purpose of making 3D printing easy, and to introduce the printer as a tool, rather than a hobby that takes more time fiddling with than using to create parts. The main purpose of APEX is the ease of use, while also creating strong and precise parts across a multitude of material types.

The APEX Quickprint Menu simplifies the printing process for new and experienced users.

APEX relies on its QUICKPRINT MENU system to output GCODE — code the printer reads to output parts. It can break down certain elements of the print to make it easy for the user to understand. Settings like strength, nozzle size, and quality can all be set in the QUICKPRINT MENU and are the main factors that make up a 3D print. There is no reason for a new user to get buried in all of the little settings that are required to run the machine correctly. That work has been done by Airwolf 3D, and that is what makes this menu so great — the work has been done. Simply import an STL file, choose your settings and export the GCODE for the printer to read. When using QUICKPRINT, it is that easy.

While the QUICKPRINT MENU can apply the settings needed to make your part, it is a common mistake to save the code before previewing a visual representation of the part in APEX. The user can simply go to the LAYER VIEW MODE and scroll through each layer to see what is going on and if there are any errors with the model or its orientation. You can save hours of headache by using this extremely useful tool and should be used every time you slice a model.

Layer View mode allows the user to preview the print, layer by layer.

After choosing the settings and previewing the layers, the user can save the final GCODE onto a USB drive or directly onto the computer to print at a later date. The USB drive makes life easy as it can be directly inserted into the printer, it can be used as a storage device for multiple prints, and it does not force the printer to rely on Wifi for printing.

The EVO relies on a USB drive to transfer files from APEX to the printer.

It is highly suggested to use APEX for your EVO machine, as well as previous Airwolf 3D models. It will make life so much easier knowing you can simply unpackage your printer and be printing your own file in a matter of minutes. While offering complete flexibility for advanced users in EXPERT MODE, the QUICKPRINT MENU has been the gem in this amazing piece of software. Watch Airwolf 3D’s guide for an in-depth look at how to use APEX to get the most out of your prints.

You can also view this lesson at airwolf3u.com.