The EVO’s filament loading system makes it easy load, remove and prime the hot end before, during or after printing. Follow these steps to learn how to insert the filament into the hot end before your first print.

The FILAMENT menu allows the user to load, remove and prime filament out of either nozzle.

The hot end on the EVO features an easy-to-use feeder system that is easy to access.

With the machine powered on, press “Preheat” on the touchscreen. Choose the material you will be working with (in our case ABS), then press “N1” or “N2” depending on which nozzle you are loading.

The EVO will now preheat the hot end to the proper temperature. You will not be able to load filament into the machine without preheating first. This is to prevent damage to the hot end.

Once the proper temperature has been reached on the hot end, you can begin the “Load filament” process.

Without preheating you cannot access the FILAMENT menu to load, remove, or prime the hot end. This is to prevent damage to the hot end.

Place your spool of filament onto the spool holder in the front left side on the machine, making sure the filament is unloading from underneath.

Make sure to load the filament coming from the bottom of the spool up into the filament tube on the spool holder.

If using the larger 5lb spools, insert the spool onto the right hand side of the machine. The 5lb spool will load with the tip of the filament going down into the 5lb extension tube. Connect the extension tube to the end of the 2.2lb spool holder tube end, using the included coupler.

If using a 5lb. spool of filament, load it onto the 5lb. spool holder on the right side of the machine and insert the filament from the top of the spool down into the 5lb. filament tube.

Connect the included coupler on to the extension tube and on to the 2.2lb. Spool holder.

Remove the top window so that you can have easy access to the feeding system.

You can gain easy access to the hot end by removing the top cover. Carefully lift the cover, pushing it up from the inside.

Now take the tip of the filament and cut it at a 45 degree angle. This will help it feed through the system easier.

Cutting the tip of the filament at a 45 degree angle will allow for easier insertion into the hot end.

Insert the end of the filament up into the tube in the spool holder. Push the filament all the way through the tube.

Once the filament has been pushed all the way through the tube and the end comes out at the hot end side, you are ready to load the filament into the feeder system.

Once the filament exits the tube near the hot end, you are ready to push it into the feeder system.

Go back to the touch screen, then select FILAMENT CONTROL. The FILAMENT CONTROL screen will now appear, and by default, Nozzle 1 is selected. Press LOAD.

Press LOAD to begin feeding the filament into the hot end.

Take the end of the filament and insert the tip into the feeder hole. Give it a slight amount of pressure until you feel the tip of the filament being grabbed by the extruder gear.  If necessary, use needle-nose pliers to apply pressure to the filament.

You may have to apply slight pressure to the filament while feeding it into the hot end.

Once through the hot end, the filament will come out of the tip of the nozzle. If the filament is not coming out after loading, go back to FILAMENT CONTROL, then press PRIME a few times. This will ensure a consistent flow of filament is extruding and that the hot end is ready for printing.

Press PRIME a few times if filament does not exit the nozzle after loading, or if you are switching from one color to another.

If for some reason the filament still does not flow correctly, press REMOVE and repeat the process, cutting back to the unused portion of filament at a 45 degree angle.

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