This guide will show you how to replace the touchscreen Raspberry Pi board on the EVO Additive Manufacturing Machine.

Turn off the machine.

By hand, move the X carriage to the back of the machine in order to access the back of he touchscreen.

Use a 2.5mm hex wrench to remove the 4 screws in the back of the touchscreen housing. Remove the housing.

Unplug the USB and power wires.

Using the 2.5mm hex wrench, unscrew the 4 screws holding the Pi to the front panel.

From the front of the machine, remove the Pi/screen combination. While doing so, unplug the ethernet and fan cables.

Remove the inner cover.

Take several photos of the wiring to reference later. You can also follow the wiring diagram provided.

Remove the wiring.

Remove the 4 small screws that hold the Pi to the screen with a small phillips screwdriver. Unplug the ribbon cable.

Replace the SD card and Pi board (use the SD card from the original Pi).

Plug in the ribbon cable from the screen to the Pi.

Place the new Pi onto the screen standoffs, then insert the 4 screws.

Using the photos taken earlier and the wiring diagram as a reference, plug in the small colored wires into the Pi.

Plug in the ethernet and fan wires. Insert the Pi/Screen combination back into the machine.

Screw in the 4 screws that hold the Pi to the front panel of the machine.

Plug in the USB and power cables.

Replace the back cover using the 4 2.5mm hex screws.

Turn on the printer and test the touchscreen.