When 3D printing models with overhangs or steep angles, the printer will extrude material under prone areas in order to keep the part from collapsing under gravity. This removable and discarded material is called SUPPORT

Support generated by APEX using the QUICKPRINT MENU.

If support is not generated for parts that need it, they will collapse during the printing process.

Support is easily removed after printing if the correct settings are used in APEX.

Support material is generated automatically in Apex, as long as the user has specified either TOUCHING BUILDPLATE or EVERYWHERE under the SUPPORT section in the QUICKPRINT menu.

APEX’s QUICKPRINT support settings are a great place to start if you are new to 3D printing.

TOUCHING BUILDPLATE will only place support where the model overhangs on to the build plate. It will not support the model within itself. EVERYWHERE will support the model in all areas. If you are unsure of which type to use, always select EVERYWHERE.

In this side profile diagram of a 3D print, you can see the difference between using TOUCHING BUILDPLATE and EVERYWHERE.

Apex will automatically choose the closest support settings possible in order to achieve good quality and remove easily once the print is complete.

Always use the LAYER VIEW MODE to view the generated support material before printing.

Watch Part 2 for advanced Support settings.

The ADVANCED SUPPORT SETTINGS in APEX give the user more flexibility when generating support material.