For best results, we encourage customers to start 3D printing with ABS (exclusively) for several weeks until they are comfortable with the capabilities of the EVO machine.  The factory set feeders are made from Delrin AF (Teflon impregnated).

To print in TPE or TPU (or in some cases PLA), you will want to use the softer, lower friction Teflon Feeders.  They are white as shown below:

To replace the feeders, do the following:

1. Remove the fan cover by loosening the two M3 screws that couple the fan cover to the hot end.

2. Remove the Delrin feeders by loosening the two M3 should screws that couple the feeders to the pivoting bracket.

3. Place blue Loctite on the threads of the should screws so they do not back out of the pivoting bracket.

4. Insert the replacement feeders, taking care to first tighten one side and then the other (this will be difficult as the die spring is quite strong).

5.  Attaching the fan cover and you are ready to start printing.

Step by Step Video