This solution is for HDR, HD2x, HDx, HD and HDL models. 


There are two different options for leveling the heat bed. The first is manually which allows you to take your time and ensure everything is level. The second involves running a G-code file "First Print" provided on your SD Card or also available in your printers Public Dropbox. Please see the Video provided at the bottom of page for this process. 


Items Needed:


Set of Allen wrenches

Post-It-Note or Feeler Gauges

Manually Leveling the Heat Bed

1) Install the glass onto the heat bed.

  • The 4 binder clips will be used to hold the glass to the heat bed. The front left clip needs to be offset from the corner by 3 to 4 inches. This is to prevent the hot end from colliding with the clip when it goes to its home position. Place the other 3 binder clips on each corner of the bed.


2) Take a small piece of paper and fold it in half, a post-it-note works great, we will use this as a gauge to insure proper distance from the nozzle to the heat bed.

3) Home your Z-axis (bed) so it is at the top of your build area. 

4) You can also do this manually by turning the coupling at the bottom of the Z-rod.

5) Manually move the hot end to the center of the heat bed. If you are using a Wolfbox to control your printer and the steppers are locked, wait 60 seconds for unlock. All other models cycle the power to unlock.

6) Take your piece of paper and insert it between the nozzle and the heat bed, you want to feel some resistance while sliding the paper back and forth. If the nozzle is to far from the heat bed, raise the heat bed manually by turning the Z-Axis coupling on the threaded Z-rod clockwise. If you cannot get the piece of paper between the nozzle and heat bed, they are to close so you will need to turn the Z-Axis coupling counter-clockwise. Do this until you feel the proper resistance (like scratching your teeth with your finger nail) on the paper.

  • NOTE; If you have a dual nozzle printer and the two nozzles are not level with each other, please follow the solution Calibrating the Nozzles first.

7) Manually move the extruder to the front left corner of the heat bed and use the piece of paper to determine the distance of the nozzle to the heat bed. For the corners, if the nozzle is to far from the heat bed, use the 2.5mm Allen wrench provided with your printer and turn the front left heat bed screw counter-clockwise. If the nozzle is to close to the heat bed, turn the screw clockwise to lower the heat bed. Do this until you feel the proper resistance on the paper.

8) Repeat step seven for the remaining three corners of the heat bed going to the front right, rear right and then the rear left.


9) Once done with all four corners and satisfied with the leveling process, turn the Z-Axis screw (located on the top left back corner of the printer) clockwise until you hear the limit switch click. The next time you home the printer, this will ne the stopping point for the heat bed. Run the "Rectangle Only” print to see if the heat bed is level. If you do not have this file on your SD card or Tablet, you can find the file in your printers Public DropboxWhile that print is being run, you can make minor adjustment to the heat bed to “dial in” the bed. If needed, you can run the print rectangle again until you're satisfied the heat bed is level.


The thickness of your print should be squished, but not crushing the glass. Each pass of filament should be pressing against the previous layer.


Leveling the Heat Bed with G-code Assistance

Watch the video “HD Bed Leveling and Calibration”. If you are an HDR or Wolfbox owner, you can skip to 4 minutes in.

 (We have a comprehensive library of videos available on our YouTube Channel.)


HDR and Wolfbox Users

1) From your Wofbox Home page, Upload Print File (.gcode) and navigate to the file  “First Print - HDR Calibration.gcode”. This file is provided on your Tablet.

  • sdcard > AW3D_HDR > Sample Prints > Dual Head > Print These (.gcode) > First Print - HDR Calibration 
  • If you do not have the Tablet, this file can be found in your printers Public Dropbox.

2) Preheat the Printer 

  • In the Wolfbox menu go to “Control” and heat the nozzles to 240C if not already done. Once the nozzles are up to temp, push the filament the remaining distance into the hot end until you see the lament extruding out of the nozzle. 



 All other HD Users

1) Follow the instructions provided in the video. If you are a dual head owner, Select "Dual" when navigating through your SD card.


Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.