This solution if for HDR or Wolfbox owners.


The Wolfbox is the printer’s interface and what gives your printer Wi-Fi ability. This will be where you upload print files from your computer, download print files from your Astroprint account, and start prints. 



  • The menu button displays the following menu:





1) Home

Upload Design File (.stl)

  • Allows you to upload an STL file from your computer to your AstroPrint account and slice it into G-code. The STL file will be stored on your AstroPrint account for future use. 


Upload Print File (.gcode) 

  • Allows you to upload a G-code file directly to your Wolfbox. This will not be stored on your AstroPrint account, only on the Wolfbox. 


  • Synchronizes the Wolfbox with your AstroPrint account so you can view and download print files that have recently been sliced on your AstroPrint account. 


  • Shows you only files that have been sliced or run through this printer’s interface. You will not be able to see any files that were sliced using your AstroPrint account. 


  • Shows all print files on both the Wolfbox and your AstroPrint account. Print files that have not been downloaded to the Wolfbox yet will be faded out. You can download them to your Wolfbox, or start the print by clicking on them and selecting either the cloud icon (to download the print file to the Wolfbox without starting the print) or the printer icon (to download the print file to the Wolfbox and immediately start the print).


2) Control

XY Plane (Horizontal)

  • X and Y movement of the hot end. 
  • The house icon will move the hot end to its home position (front left). 

Z Plane (Vertical)

  • Z movement of the heat bed. 
  • The house icon will move the heat bed to its home position (the Z limit switch contacts the Z adjust screw). 
  • The add and subtract options are for distances away from the hot end. So adding distance means the heat bed will go down and subtracting distance will cause the heat bed to go up. 

Movement Increment Control 

  • Displayed in millimeters, the amount of movement you would like in the X,Y, or Z axis

Extrude Filament

  • Select Nozzle 
    • Nozzle one is on the left side of your hot end and nozzle two is on the right. 
  • Filament Amount 
    • Increment control specic to lament extrusion/retraction. 
  • Extrude 
    • Clicking this will push the filament through the hot end by the amount selected in “Filament Amount”. 
    • Nozzles must be heated up to temp before attempting to extrude lament. 
  • Retract 
    • Clicking this will pull lament back out of the hot end by the amount selected in “Filament Amount”. 
    • Nozzles must be heated up to temp before attempting to retract lament. 
  • Current Temp 
    • When sitting idle, both displays will read room temperature in celsius. 
    • The Temperature Controls are the scrollbars at the bottom. This allows the user to control the hot end temperature, as well as the heat bed temperature. 
    • The side fan on the hot end can also be turned off and on with the ON/OFF button. 
      • The fan on the back of the hot end is controlled by the printer, not the user.



3) Settings


  • Connection 
    • Here you can change the Baud Rate to 250000. If you are ever having connection difficulties, “Test Connection” is also available here. 
  • Profile 
    • Maximum temperatures for your printer. Do not changes these to temperatures your printer is incapable of. 
      • HD-R or HD2x - the number of extruders is 2 and the max temperature is 320. 
      • HDx - max temperature changed to 320.
      • HD or HDL - max temperature 260.


  • Connection 


    • View what network you are connected to. 
    • IP Address location. 
    • Turn Hot Spot off and on. 
      • After setup, the hot spot is shut off for security purposes. You can still connect directly to the Wolfbox by typing in the IP address and through your Astroprint connection tab. 


  • Update 
    • Check for recent updates. 
  • Advanced 
    • Restore Factory Settings. 
      • Disconnects the Wolfbox from the Astroprint account and Wi-Fi network, and turns on the hotspot.


4) Support

  • You are already here! This tab will take you to Airwolf 3D’s Tech Assistance Portal (
  • Solutions are available for everything from Unboxing the Printer, to Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

  • Submit a Ticket for assistance from our technicians!


5) Supplies

  • This tab will take you to Airwolf 3D’s Store for stocking up on Wolfbite, glass, filament, etc. 

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.