This solution discusses the steps needed to update the software on the Wolfbox, which is the wireless networking board for Airwolf3D printers. On your computer, bring up the list of available wifi networks. The Wolfbox hotspot should be listed there. Connect to the hotspot.  If you do not see a wireless hotspot in your available wireless networks list, please follow this guide to re-enable the hotspot. 


Wolfbox - Re-enable Hotspot

Once you are connected to the Wolfbox hotspot, open your browser and go to This will take you to the Wolfbox dashboard.


1) Click on the Settings button from the Wolfbox dashboard.


2) Within the settings page, click on the Update section. Then click on the "Check for updates" button. It should show the current version of Wolfware that is installed.


3) A windows will pop-up showing any available updates. Click on "Update" and install the most recent version. 


Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.