This solution will help you print 2 different parts, each in a different color, at the same time. This is a variation of DUAL HEAD PRINTING WITH 2 COLORS / MATERIALS as described on page 34 of the HD2x User Manual. In the process described in the user manual, it is understood that the final part will be one cohesive unit. The process described below is how to make two separate parts that are two different colors. You will need the software Cura for this process.


The key to printing two separate parts in dual head mode, is their relation to the origin. To do this properly, the parts to be printed will need to be modified in the CAD software. Without any modification, the parts will likely overlap each other when the "Dual Extrusion Merge" command is executed. 

The following is an example of parts that are not aligned properly to the origin:

In the CAD software, PART 1 positioned 1/2" from the origin in the X and Y directions.

PART 2 was designed separately, but it too is positioned 0.5" from the origin in the X and Y directions.



When imported into Cura, the two files will be designated as printing with Extruder 1 (yellow).

To print with 2 colors, the "Dual Extrusion Merge" command is applied. 

Right click a part and select [Dual extrusion merge] see page 34 in the HD2x User Manual.

However, since the parts are positioned in the exact same spot relative to the origin, they overlap. 

This is not the desired result as this part will be printed merged as one piece.

Extruder 1 - YELLOW, Extruder 2 - RED


In order to prevent this undesired merge, one of the two cad files will need to move relative to the origin.

PART 1 will remain the same but PART 2 will move 2.5" in the Y direction to accommodate the area PART 1 will occupy.

This shift will now set PART 2 1/2" away from PART 1 with the "Dual Extrusion Merge" command.

The new PART 2 is saved as an new STL and both parts are reloaded into Cura. 

Again, both parts are registered as being printed with Extruder 1 (yellow).

Now, execute the "Dual Extrusion Merge" command ant the parts will no longer be overlapping. 

This is because the origin for PART 2 is now 2.5" further from the part in the Y direction.



Now your two parts are ready to be printed in two separate colors. 

These parts can also be multiplied with the "Multiply Object" command.

For more information on dual head printing please review sections 4c and 4d in the HD2x User Manual.

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.