Wireless connection with a WolfBox makes your 3D printer WiFi enabled and cloud aware.  Optional accessory for your HDX model printer, click here to buy!


          Send content directly to your 3D printer

          Monitor your prints remotely via a webcam

          Simple printer control/interface

          Airwolf3D recommended printer settings loaded automatically based on your model printer and the type of filament you're using


          You're WiFi network security settings may not be set up to take advantage of wireless printing

          If you share logins and passwords with others there is a possibility of having a print canceled

          Susceptible to the strength of your WiFi signal strength

          Configuration of WiFi


     Here is a link to the process of connecting and configuring your WolfBox. 

          WolfBox - Connecting to the printer and configuration


     Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.