Description: will be your dashboard for storing STL files and creating G-code. G-code is the  instructions for the printer, e.g speed, temperatures, and toolpaths. 

We highly recommend to all printer model customers.


1) Design Uploader

  •  Open AstroPrint and select "Upload Design", then navigate to the STL you'd like to upload. A new page with a picture of the STL file should appear.  


  • Select a "Printer Model" 
    • "add printer" if the printer model is not already available in the list. 
  • Select a "Filament" 
    • "add filament" if the material is not already available in the list. 
  • Select a "Print Quality" 
    • "Normal" will yield a high quality part in most cases. Selecting "Best" when the part does not require it will significantly increase print times unnecessarily. 
  • "Advanced Settings" 
    • can be used to alter the default settings. 
  •  "Generate Print File". 
    • This will slice your STL into G-code and return you to your file manager. 


2) File Manager

  • Under "Your Designs", the latest STL file should be listed at the top. Under each name of the STL  files, it will display "# print file(s)". Clicking this will display all of the print files already generated along with the settings used for that specific print. Clicking on the settings will pop up a secondary window with all the specific settings used. Clicking "Make another >>" allows you to create another print file for that particular STL. 


3) Monitor (HDR or Wolfbox only)


  • From here, you can view basic information such as the current temperature of the printer and  what part is printing (during a print job). You also have the ability to capture photos if you attach a webcam to your Wolfbox. If you are interested in more information on connecting a webcam,  please visit our solution AstroPrint - Webcam Setup for more information.
  • Click “Launch UI”. This will open a new window in your browser with your printer’s Wolfbox  Interface (Wolfbox - Workflow). You must be connected to the same network that your printer was connected to during initial setup.


4) Print Captures (HDR or Wolfbox only)

  • This tab will display pictures taken if you have attached a webcam to your printer. Please visit our solution Astroprint - Webcam Setup for more information.

5) Printer Profiles

  • During the slicing process, any printer you selected from “add printer” will be listed in this tab. 
    • You can erase any printers you no longer wish to have listed in your dropdown. 
    • Do not edit any of the printer settings. Airwolf 3D has spent countless hours perfecting these print settings so that our customers have the best experience possible with their new printer. Please make sure to use these default settings when using the HDR.

6) Material Profiles

  • During the slicing process, any printer you selected from “add filament” will be listed in this tab. 
    • You can erase any filaments you no longer wish to have listed in your dropdown. 
    • The option is available to edit default temperatures for the filament, however, we do not suggest changing our recommended settings.

7) Settings

  • Change password, name or e-mail.

8) Yeggi Search

  • Browse and download STL files others have created.

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.