This solution walks through the process of changing settings during a single print, per layer(s). This is for the current version 3.2. This will be done through Native Cura. The Cura Plugin that is going to be used is "TweakAtZ".


1) Download the attached file "TweakAtZ" to your computer


2) Open up the Cura interface


3) Click the "Plugins" tab. At the very bottom, click "Open plugin location". A new window will open up.


4) Next drag the "" file into this folder. 



5) Close and re-open the Cura program. Now the plugin "TweakAtZ" will be in the plugins list.


6) Click the plugin so that it's highlighted and select the "V" button just below the list. Then it should look like this.


7) At this point, many settings can be changed. The settings under "Basic, Advanced and Expert" will take effect until the layer or height that is specified in the plugin. The user specifies a "Layer Number" or "Z height" as which to alter the settings. These changes will affect the rest of the print or until a new "TweakAtZ" is created at a higher layer number or Z height. This includes the following settings:

  • New Speed (%)
  • New General Flow Rate (%)
  • New Flow Rate Extruder 1 (%)
  • New Flow Rate Extruder 2 (%)
  • New Bed Temp (deg C)
  • New Extruder 1 Temp (deg C)
  • New Extruder 2 Temp (deg C)
  • New Fan Speed (0-255 PWM)

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.


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