The latest versions of Repetier-Host automatically setup a Repertier-Server account. You can choose to explore this, but if you are working straight from your installed software the server can cause connection difficulties. This solution is to walk you through the process of turning this server off.



Open Repetier-Host. In this solution we will be using V1.5.3 as our example.

1) When trying to connect to your printer, you are prompted that the port access was denied.

If you have toggle on, this will also appear in your logs. 



2) By opening your tab labelled "Server", you can select the option to "Stop Local Server".


3) You have now successfully stopped the local server.


4) Try connecting as normal to your printer. When you icon turns green you are now connected!


5) If you wish to explore your local server options, click "Start Local Server" and then "Open Server Frontend".

(For questions regarding Repetier-Server, please refer to the Manual also available in the same drop down menu)

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.