General Information

AstroPrint is an ecosystem for 3D printing. The main features are:

  1. Uploading STL files
  2. Slicing on the cloud (with manufacturer preset settings)
  3. Controlling the printer wirelessly (HDR printer or WolfBox required)
  4. Running and monitoring prints wirelessly (HDR printer or WolfBox required)
  5. Taking and saving pictures of your print (using an external webcam - AstroPrint - Webcam Setup)

This has two main components: AstroPrint and WolfBox:

AstroPrint is your online account. When you log in, you are logging into AstroPrint. Your account has access to the following tabs:

Dashboard: Library for STL and GCODE files

Connected: Printers currently connected to your online account and turned on (this is how you will get to your printer)

Prints: Pictures taken by the printer during the prints (printer doesn't come with a camera)

Printers: Model printer(s) that are associated with your account (used for slicing)

Materials: Materials that you are printing/have printed with (used for slicing)

WolfBox is the WiFi board on your printer (HDR only), or the external WiFi board purchased as an upgrade for other printer models. In the "Connected" tab, you will find all of your printers which have an active WolfBox attached to them. 

Currently, the account with AstroPrint has the following features:

  • Unlimited cloud slicing
  • Remote monitoring (local network and over the internet)
  • Remote control (local network and over the internet)
  • 10GB cloud storage


1) What is AstroPrint?

  • AstroPrint is a user interface where you can upload STL files, slice them, and print the resulting G-code file (if you have an HDR or WolfBox) using the cloud. The WolfBox is the device which enables the user to control the printer and print over WiFi, using AstroPrint. 

2) What printers are AstroPrint compatible with?

  • All of Airwolf 3D's printers are compatible with AstroPrint. The WolfBox comes standard on the HDR, but can be bought as an upgrade for any of our other printers.

3) What are the slicing capabilities of AstroPrint? 

  • AstroPrint utilizes the Cura slicing engine. If the file can be sliced using Cura slicing software, then it can be sliced with AstroPrint! All of our recommended settings are automatically uploaded to AstroPrint as we develop and modify them, and can be selected through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. 

4) If the WiFi goes down during the print, what happens to the printer/print?

  • Anytime you print over WiFi (using the WolfBox), the printer will run autonomously. This means any interruptions to your WiFi service, or changes to the device you sent the command to the printer with (e.g. computer, tablet, etc.), will not effect the printer! So if it was preheating, it will continue to preheat. If it was running a print, it will continue to run the print. This is because once the print command is issued to the printer, the G-code is downloaded directly to the WolfBox. Once the print has started, the only way to interfere with the printer is by using the "Pause" or "Cancel" command in the WolfBox interface, or by turning the printer or WolfBox off.

5) Can a camera be utilized by AstroPrint?

  • YES! A USB powered webcam can be plugged into the WolfBox. This will allow you to remotely monitor the printer via the camera. It can also be programmed to take pictures every __ layers or minutes. A USB splitter will be needed to plug the WolfBox into the printer and a camera. For installation, see AstroPrint - Webcam Setup.

6) Can I upload a G-code file directly to my WolfBox?

  • Yes. To do so, go to your AstroPrint account and select "Connected". Then select "Camera/Controls" for the WolfBox you want to upload the G-code to and select "Launch AstroBox UI". Once you are on the dashboard of the WolfBox, select the "Upload GCODE file" button.

7) Do I need to have multiple AstroPrint accounts to control multiple printers?

  • No. One AstroPrint account can access multiple printers at once. 

8) Can I access a single printer from multiple AstroPrint accounts?

  • No. A single printer can only be connected to one AstroPrint account at a time.