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3d print ultimate spool holder for your 3d printer 


  • 1 – M8 x 30mm bolt
  • 1 – M8 nut
  • 1 – M8 washer
  • 1 – M3 x 10mm bolt (V.4, 5, 5.5)
  • 1 – M3 nut (V.4, 5, 5.5)
  • 1 – M3 washer (V.4, 5, 5.5)


3d printer spool minder06

Made with XL 3D Printer

3d printer spool minder07

M8 Nut and Washer Assembly

3d printer spool minder10

Mounted on 3D Printer


Remove the existing spool holder (save for different types of spools).  After the filament minder is printed, remove it from the plate and insert 1 M8 x 30mm bolt through the central hole in the part.  The filament minder is designed with a hex opening to hold the M8 bolt captive (only one wrench needed to tighten).  Once the M8 bolt is inserted through the part, simply attach the assembly to the printer through the existing spool holder opening.  Finally, fasten an M8 nut and washer to the M8 bolt and tighten accordingly.