In the viki screen menu, the Prime function can be used to ensure old filament is sufficiently purged out of the hot end. This is particularly useful when switching from high-temp materials like PC to low temp materials such as PLA. If the PC is not properly primed, it will cause the hot end to jam during low temp prints. 


The amount of filament that needs to be primed will vary depending on which filaments are being used. 

1) Heat the hot end to the higher temperature filament (i.e 315 for PC )


2) Using the Viki screen, "Remove Filament" and insert new material with "Load Filament"


3) "Prime Filament" several times. The old filament will start flowing from the nozzle.

  • While the new filament starts to take over, the flow will look a bit bumpy and shoot suddenly off to the side


4) Continue priming until the color has fully changed and flow is straight. If you are unsure that you primed enough, prime some more! No harm will come from over priming, but not priming enough can cause printing errors. 

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.