The Viki LCD Screen is the control system to perform functions such as preheat/priming operations, loading and unloading filament, lowering/raising the heat bed, and printing autonomously with an SD Card.


1) Main Display

  • The main display, or home screen, displays current heat bed and hot end  temperatures, targeted temperatures, print status, XYZ coordinates, and flow rate.


2) Secondary and Prepare Menu

  • Press the center button on the LCD to enter the secondary menu. The secondary  menu will be used to load/remove/prime filament, preheat the printer (hot end, bed, or both), start a print from the micro SD card (covered in later sections) and  manually move a specific axis (i.e. raising or lowering the bed). To scroll through the secondary menu, turn the large wheel surrounding the selection button. When the desired item is highlighted, press the selection button.

  • To move a specific axis, enter PREPARE and scroll to the bottom of the menu by  turning the scroll wheel, then when MOVE AXIS is highlighted press the selection button. Choose the distance increment (i.e. 10mm will move the desired axis in 10mm increments when turning the scroll wheel on the LCD.) 10mm can be used for the X and Y axis, whereas 1mm will be used for the Z axis and extruder. To manually move the axis, turn the scroll wheel after you have chosen the desired movement increment.


  • In case you must pause (i.e. filament change) or stop a print, you can enter the  SECONDARY MENU by pressing the select button during printing. Using the scroll wheel, select either pause or stop. Pause will allow you to stop a print, then resume where the print left off. This must be done quickly as resuming too late can cause a failure. Stopping a print will cancel a print, but will leave the hot end and heat bed heaters on. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO POWER OFF THE PRINTER IF NOT PLANNING TO START ANOTHER PRINT.



3) Loading Filament


4) Starting a Print Job (your Filament and Bed Adhesion should already be setup)

In the SECONDARY MENU select PRINT FROM SD. Using the scroll wheel, choose  the file named you wish to print. AXIOM will then preheat to the proper printing temperatures and begin the auto-leveling process. Once complete, the print will 

start and the model will begin printing.

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.