In order to connect to your printer through USB for printing or Firmware updates, Windows users will have to install the RAMBo Driver. This solution will walk you through how to connect your computer to your printer. The RAMBo driver needs to be manually installed on any Windows computer used to run/communicate with the printer. For software, please see AXIOM - Repetier-Host - Installing and Setup.

MAC: If you have a Mac, it will automatically find and install the driver. If you use Repetier-Host as your printer control software, you will need to go to the printer settings and set the "Baud Rate" to "250,000" in order to communicate with the printer.

PC: If you have a PC, you will need to install the RAMBo driver manually using the steps below. 


1. Connect your printer to your computer

Plug the printer into the computer with the USB cable. Insert the Airwolf 3D USB drive (came with the printer) into the the computer.

  • If you do not have this USB drive, you can find the RAMBo driver file in the AXIOM Public Dropbox.
  • You will need the rambo.inf file and the file from either the USB drive or the public dropbox.

2. Make a new folder named Rambo Driver. This folder can be located anywhere on your computer.

3. Copy both the rambo.inf and the file to this folder. These two files should be the only files in the Rambo Driver folder.

4. Open "Devices and Printers" and install the RAMBo driver

In the "Control Panel", open "Devices and Printers". Under "Unspecified", you should see a device labeled "RAMBo". Right-click the device and select "Properties"

A second window will appear. Navigate to the "Hardware" tab and select "Properties"

Select Change Settings

A third window will appear. Select "Update Driver..."

A fourth window will appear. Select "Browse my computer for driver software"

Select "Browse..."

Navigate to the Rambo Driver folder that you created. This folder should now have the rambo.inf file and the file inside it. There should be no other files in this folder.

Select "Next"

A warning may appear and say "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software". Select "Install this driver 
software anyway".

    If installed correctly, you should see the following screen. Select "Close", then "Close" again, then "OK"

    Now in your "Devices and Printers", under "Unspecified", you will see the properly configured device with a COM number in parentheses.
    Note: The "(COM#)" is dependent on which USB port the printer is plugged into on the computer. Your computer may display a different COM number.


    Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.