**This solution is only for those who cannot see a broadcasting hot spot or see the printer listed under "Monitor" in their account. The hot spot is automatically turned off when the printer is attached to a network unless otherwise specified during setup.**


This solution is for enabling the hot spot through the operating system of the board. It should be used if no hot spot is being broadcast, and the WolfBox is not attached to an AstroPrint account or WiFi network.

You will need the following:

  • HDMI cable
  • USB keyboard
  • Monitor with an HDMI port
  • WolfBox (HDR printer or external WolfBox)


1) Connect the WolfBox to the monitor with the HDMI cable and plug the USB keyboard into the WolfBox.


2) Power on the WolfBox by turning on your HDR or plugging in the external WolfBox (example below).

Note: You do not need to remove the WolfBox from the printer, or from its plastic case if you have the external WolfBox.


3) Allow the WolfBox to boot up completely. Once it is finishing booting up, the monitor will display "root@[hot spot name]:~# _", and will allow you to type commands (example below).


4) Type in the command "service wifi_access_point start". This will enable the hot spot.


5) Verify the hot spot is enabled using any WiFi-capable device (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.).


6) If the hot spot is now visible, go ahead and turn off the WolfBox (turn off the HDR or unplug the external WolfBox), then unplug the HDMI cable and USB keyboard. If the hot spot is still not visible, please open a Tech Ticket and send a picture of your screen after typing in the "service wifi_access_point start" command.


Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.