AXIOM - Bed Adhesion


This guide provide tips and tricks for proper bed adhesion. 

The glass plate can be cleaned in between prints. Use only water when cleaning the glass plate, and make sure to rinse thoroughly with water before using. 

Do not clean the glass plate with soap, as the residue may interfere with bed adhesion. 


1) Apply the Wolfbite to your glass plate. Make sure to use the correct version of Wolfbite for your filament:

Wolfbite - For ABS

Wolfbite Mega - For Polycarbonate and PCABS

Wolfbite Nitro - For Nylon 

Wolfbite Nano - For PLA


2) Use the correct temperature settings for the filament. 

For best results, slice your part using our settings. These can be found in the Slicing Configurations folder in our public dropbox. The public dropbox links for the Axiom series are listed below:

Axiom Public Dropbox

AxiomE Public Dropbox

Axiom Dual Public Dropbox


Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.