This guide will show you how to open up the dual direct drive hotend and purge the barrel.

You will need to heat the printer up to the temperature for the type of filament that is stuck, i.e. ABS 240C, PLA 200C.

1) Once the printer is preheated, remove the nozzle from the hot end.  Use pliers to grab the nozzle off.  It's necessary to preheat the hotend before removing the nozzle so that you avoid stripping the threads of the heatblock

2)  Locate the two motor wires at the back of the hot end.


3)  Remove the two motor wires from their connections, take a picture of the configuration to ensure when putting them back you get them in the correct orientation.


4)  Locate the 2.5mm latch screw on the top of hot end. 


5)  Using a 2.5mm allen wrench, loosen, but do not remove the latch screw.


6)  Tilt the drive assembly up towards the front of the printer to expose the PTFE tubing.


7) Cut off a one foot segment of filament from your roll.  Ideally, the filament is of some other color than the material that is stuck in there.  This allows you to see the contrast of the purged material.  Pull the filament segment downward only through the bottom.  Do not pull filament up through the hot end.  Repeat this as many times as needed with a new piece of filament each time

until you see no debris on the filament.