There are two zip ties to secure the ERC grey cable harness in place.

To make sure that the traveling of the head doesn't pull on and stress any of the wires, it's critical that these zip ties be accurately placed.

The exact placement of the orange one high up there is not so critical.  It's function is simply to keep things organised.

The yellow one however, is important to get right.  The function it provides is to prevent head traveling from yanking on and stressing the wire connections.

  1. The zip tie itself reaches all the way around and wraps around that metal hex offset behind the acrylic black panel.  The small yellow arrow points to the screw that sits in this offset.  This yellow zip tie goes around both the grey ERC cable harness and the woven sleeve that contains all the bed wires.

  2. Before you secure the yellow zip tie, push the head to the far right corner (near left as viewed from front) to see the longest extension of the grey cable.  Note how as the lower zip tie does not restrict the ability of the grey cable to fully extend.
  3. Before attaching this lower zip tie, also bring the print head to the near left (far right viewed from front) corner of the printer.  This represents the shortest extension of the grey cable.  Note how with all that grey cable slack taken into the back of the machine as shown, the bottom loop of the wire length comes just shy of pushing up against the bottom frame piece. 
  4. After you've attached both zip ties, bring the print head back and forth between the longest and shortest extension points shown in the last two steps.  Do this three or four times to verify that that zip ties allow for the machine to travel it's full range.