1. Use correct Wolfbite (apply while glass is cold).

    ABS/PETG – Wolfbite Original

    PLA – Wolfbite Nano (works best at 60-80°C)

    PC – Wolfbite Mega

    Nylon – Wolfbite Nitro 

    Polypropylene – Wolfbite Ultra

2. Increase temperature on bed.

    PC: 155-160°C
    ABS: 145-150°C
    PLA: 70-80°C

3. Center print on bed for even heat distribution.

4. Ensure first-layer nozzle distance is correct.

    Change to smaller-letter firmware, if necessary, to press first layer down.

    Consult "Printing Too Close or Too Far" guide 

5. If bed is cooler toward back, update to latest HEPA Fan Duct Design.

Download: Fan Duct V2 Rev A STL