The EVO comes equipped with aircraft-grade aluminum nozzles that can be used for several prints. These nozzles will wear down eventually, depending on how much the printer is used and what materials are being printed with.

The hot end on the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center are easy to replace and can be done within a few minutes.

If you are experiencing jamming, print quality deterioration, or would just like to switch to a different size orifice, a nozzle swap can be done in a matter of minutes.

These nozzles are worn out and ready to be replaced. The nozzle size can be found at the base of the nozzle. This nozzle is .5mm.

First, turn on the machine and preheat the hot end to the temperature of the loaded material. Once preheated, remove the filament.

Make sure to remove the filament from the hot end before changing nozzles.

Turn the machine off. Take a 2.5mm hex wrench and remove one bolt at a time from under the nozzle. If there is melted plastic or debris inside the heads of the bolts, use a razor blade to carefully remove it.

Insert a 2.5mm hex wrench into the bolts and remove them. Use a razor blade to remove debris stuck in the bolt heads.

These bolts are long and will fall out easily, so be careful as they will be hot. You can use pliers to pull out the bolts if they do not drop out by themselves. Do not let them drop onto the glass build plate.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to carefully remove the bolts.

The nozzle will most likely come off with the removal of the 3rd bolt, so be careful as it will be extremely hot. If the nozzle does not come off, use a pair of pliers to remove it. Inspect the underside of the hot end where the nozzle sits. Make sure it is clean of any melted plastic.

After the nozzle is removed, make sure to clean off any debris from the plate.

Turn the machine back on and preheat the hot end. Once preheated, turn the machine off again. Take the new nozzle and the new 3 bolts that are included. Place one bolt through the nozzle and insert it into the bottom of the hot end. The hot end will be hot, but we want to make sure we screw in the bolts into hot metal, as it will contract around the bolts when cooled.

Start off by placing one bolt through the nozzle to hold the nozzle in place.

Do not tighten the first bolt all the way. Take the other two bolts and insert them through the nozzle and up into the hot end. Tighten each bolt little by little until the nozzle is mounted on the hot end flush and snug. Now tighten each bolt, but make sure to not over-tighten.

Insert the other two bolts, then tighten all three.

Turn the machine back on, preheat the nozzle that was just installed, and some filament. Prime the nozzle a few times to make sure you are getting a consistent flow.

After the machine has been powered on, preheat the nozzle and press prime a few times.

Once the nozzle is primed, check to make sure the head is level and start a test print.

Run a test print to check that the nozzle has been installed properly.

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