Adding functionality to Apex is a top priority at Airwolf 3D, and the new list of features and advancements within the EVO touchscreen interface and Apex allow even easier operation and more advanced functionality. Airwolf 3D has added remote printing to the latest version of Apex in order to simplify the printing process and make it even easier to get your machine up and running. Setting this up only takes a few minutes, and requires you to have your printer and computer connected to the same network.


First, go to SETTINGS-> ADVANCED in the printer’s touchscreen and make sure TCP REMOTE is turned ON.

Make sure the printer is connected to the network and is running version 1.65 or later of the touchscreen, and update Apex to version 1.8.0 or later. You can go to HELP in the top menu of Apex, then go to CHECK FOR UPDATES. This ensures you have the latest updates necessary for the new functionality to work.

Here we see the EVO 22 is updated to version 1.65 of the touchscreen, and the IP address is

Apex will show the version number on the startup screen.

To connect to a network, go to your printer’s touchscreen panel and press SETTINGS. Go to WIFI SETTINGS, then enter your network information. Make sure to connect to the same network as your computer.

Press SETTINGS->WIFI SETTINGS to enter the Wifi menu.

In the Wifi Menu, you will see all available and connected networks.

Open Apex, then import your model. If you have an existing GCODE file saved to your computer, skip this step. You can send any GCODE file configured for your printer through Apex. If you are slicing a file to send to your printer, apply your desired settings and save the GCODE to your computer or a USB drive. You will need to access this file when sending it through the network to the printer.

Write down the IP address located in the top left part of the home screen on your printer’s touch screen panel. You will need this to input into the Remote settings in Apex.

The IP address will be shown in the top left side of the touchscreen.

In APEX, go to REMOTE-> REMOTE OPERATIONS MENU in the top menu. Click on the “+” in the PRINTER tab, then name your printer and add the IP address that was written down from the printer’s touchscreen panel. Now close the Remote Connection Window and reopen it, which will refresh the connection with the new IP address of the printer.

The REMOTE OPERATIONS MENU is located at the top main menu of Apex.

Before you are connected, you will get an error message saying “timed out.”

Add the printer name.

Add the IP address that the printer and computer are connected to. This is the same IP address that was written down from the printer’s touchscreen.

Close the Remote window, then open it again to refresh it.

If the network information was entered correctly, and both the computer and printer are on the same network, the computer will successfully connect to the printer. To confirm, you will see files located on the printer show up in the REMOTE OPERATION MENU window, and it will say “CONNECTED” at the bottom. You can also print files that are already located in your printer using the PRINTER tab in the REMOTE CONNECTION window.

Click on THIS PC then PRINT in the REMOTE CONNECTION window and choose the file location and GCODE file you would like to send to the printer. If you would just like to save the file to your printer, click SAVE instead of PRINT. The file will now save to the printer. This may take a few minutes, depending on the strength of the Wifi connection. Once the file is uploaded, the machine will begin printing the file.

Click on the THIS PC tab, then click PRINT.

Choose the GCODE file you saved earlier.

The file will transfer to the printer. The percentage uploaded will show in the status area at the bottom of the window.

When the GCODE file has been completely saved to the printer, the STATUS area will now show CONNECTED, MONITORING.

Once the printer has received the file, it will begin the printing process.

While Remote Printing can make things much easier in the office or shop, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Always make sure your bed is prepped with Wolfbite, the bed rails are clean and free of debris, and that you have the correct material loaded into your machine. To get started 3D printing remotely, download version 1.65 of the touchscreen and download the latest version of APEX here.

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