Airwolf 3D has released many advanced features within the latest update of the Matrix touchscreen found on the EVO Additive Manufacturing Centers. Update version 1.65 features remote printing capabilities, easy X/Y nozzle offset calibration, Z offset and Z dual nozzle calibration. These features make it that much easier for the end user to set up their printer correctly in order to achieve the highest quality prints possible. This guide will cover how to level the dual hot end using the new features in this incredible new update. You can follow along with the video of this guide here.

Version 1.65 of the Matrix Touchscreen.

When printing with a dual head system, you must ensure the two heads are as level to each other as possible, or else one head can drag through the other when printing. This can be especially problematic when printing dual color, as you don’t want one color contaminating the other. This can also cause print quality issues, and even nozzle jamming.

The dual hot end setup found on the EVO, EVO 22, and EVO R line of 3D printers.

This dual color print shows contamination caused by the other color when the nozzles aren’t level.

Leveling the nozzles is now much easier. You can now run a Z Calibration function within the touchscreen to easily determine the offset between the two nozzles and level them accordingly.

The new calibration menu showing the CALIBRATE Z option.

Go to SETTINGS -> ADVANCED then press CALIBRATE Z. The printer will now preheat both nozzles and will go through the calibration process. After this is complete, the screen will display the Z offset between one nozzle in relation to the other.

After running the calibration process, the screen will display the offset value between the two nozzles.

Now that you have the offset value, take a 3mm hex wrench and insert it into the hot end fan shroud on the top right hand corner. Loosen the bolt, then adjust the head accordingly by moving the right side up or down. Run the Z calibration again to see the results. You may have to repeat this process a couple of times. Once the nozzles are level to each other, it will say “Nozzles 1 and 2 are Level” on the screen.

After the bolt in the right top corner of the fan shroud is loosened, the right nozzle can be raised or lowered, pivoting on the hot end bolt in the left side of the fan shroud.

When the two nozzles are level to each other (same distance from the bed), the screen will display “Nozzles 1 and 2 are Level.”

Once leveled, you are ready to run a test print. Pay careful attention to the first layers to make sure the second nozzle is not dragging through the extrusion of nozzle 1. If you experience any issues, clean the bed rails of the printer, then try again. Make sure to also tighten down the hot end bolts all the way once you have the desired height.

Run a test print to check final print quality.

Airwolf 3D continues to add great features and advanced functionality to the already polished EVO line of 3D printers. While things like remote printing make life a little easier, the Z dual nozzle calibration is a great way to ensure you are getting the best quality prints from your machine.