This guide will instruct you on how to replace the nozzle on the AXIOM series of 3D printers. 

Preheat the hot end to the temperature of the last used material. For example, if you were printing with ABS, preheat to ABS temperatures.

Before removing the nozzle, you must first remove the filament from the hot end.

Clean out the nozzle screw heads with a razor blade to prevent stripping the screw heads.

While the hot end is hot, use the torque end, or short end of the hex wrench to loosen the bolts. You can then use the long end to remove the bolts from the nozzle. Use a pair of pliers to lightly grab and pull off the nozzle while it is still hot.

Make sure to hold the heat block with a pair of pliers if necessary to prevent it from turning.

Pay close attention to the hot end wires on the back of the heat block. Make sure not to short these wires.

Insert the washer onto the new nozzle bolt. Insert the bolt into the new nozzle and hold it in place with the hex wrench while inserting it into the heat block.

Insert one screw at a time and then tighten both screws sequentially into the heat block.

Using the torque end of the hex wrench, tighten down both screws until the nozzle is flush with the heat block. Do not over tighten the nozzles. The heat block should not turn.

If you are using an AXIOM Dual head printer, level the nozzles. It is highly recommended to replace both nozzles at a time on the dual nozzle machines.

Run a test print to ensure everything is working properly. The nozzle change is now complete.