You will need the software Cura for this process.

This solution will walk you through the process of single head printing with only the 2nd nozzle. This can only be done on an HD2x printer or an HD series printer with a JR2x upgrade. The Cura Plugin that is going to be used is called "SwitchExtruderAtZ". Some reasons that you may consider printing a single head print with ONLY the second nozzle would be:

  • want to use a high temperature material only in the 2nd nozzle, therefor you do not need to purge the 1st nozzle (Nylon, PC-ABS, PC)
  • want to use a flexible material only in the 2nd nozzle, therefor not needing to puge with PLA and then the flexible material (TPU or TPE)


1) Download the attached file "SwtichExtruderAtZ" to your computer


2) Open up Cura and use the "Machine" dropdown to select "HD2x-Dual" to put Cura into Dual Head mode.


3) Click the "Plugins" tab. At the very bottom, click "Open plugin location". A new window will open up.


4) Next drag the "" file into this folder. 



5) Close and re-open the Cura program. Now the plugin "SwitchExtruderAtZ" will be down in the plugins list.


6) Click the plugin so that it's highlighted and select the "V" button just below the list. Then it should look like this. Make sure to type in the following numbers, (0, 305, 1, 1).


7) At this point, let the part slice and then select "File > Save GCODE"

  • This GCODE file can be loaded into Repetier-Host to be checked to make sure that the plugin was used correctly. Under the "Printer Settings", make sure that you have 2 extruders selected and that each is a different color. If done properly, the color of the GCODE file should be the same as the second extruder.

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.