USB connection is mostly commonly used by those who either work right next to their printer or have a laptop designated to that printer. The computer used must be attached to the printer for the entirety of the print job.


  • Firmware Updates can only be done through USB
  • More control interface options available from different software(s)


  • Print dependent on computer connection. If anything happens to your computer such as sleep mode, the printer will sleep too!
  • Though not common, connection errors can cause a mid print stop


1) Window users will need to install the RAMBo Driver before attempting to use any software. Mac users will not need to do this step.


2) For your control interface, we recommend using the Software Repetier-Host. We have had great success keeping a reliable connection with the printer.


Note: Anything that happens to the computer will happen to the printer. This means turning off all power saving modes and keeping the computer plugged in and/or fully charged. 


For Windows users, please confirm you have successfully installed the RAMBo Driver by opening your "Printers and Devices". The printer will be listed under "Unspecified" and have an assigned COM port number. This COM port will be needed to tell your software which port is the printer. Auto detect doesn't always do the trick.

For additional help with Repetier-Host, please visit Repetier-Host - Connectivity Troubleshooting

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.