This solution will show you how to change a nozzle on any JR type hot end. This is done to switch between nozzle sizes or to remove the nozzle for cleaning. We recommend reviewing this solution first as the issue may not be a Jammed Nozzle at all: What is a "mouse bite" and how do I fix it?

Required Tools:

  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Allen Wrench
  • Razor blade




  1. Heat the nozzle to 250°C (or hotter depending on printing material).

  2. Remove the filament from the printer.

  3. [Wear heat-resistant gloves] While holding the hot end in place with pliers (avoid pinching the wires), unscrew the 2 small button head screws on the face of the nozzle.
    ***IMPORTANT*** Use the square end of the allen wrench to avoid stripping the screw heads.

  4. Use a pair of pliers to gently remove the nozzle, then set the nozzle aside.

  5. Next, you will want to clean out the hot end. Very quickly push filament through the hot end until at least 6 inches is through, then cut the end off and pull the filament back through. This will clean the entire hot end out. This needs to be done somewhat quickly so the filament does not melt in the hot end. 

  6. Use a razor blade to scrape the bottom face of the heating element to remove any debris.

  7. Allow the nozzle to cool. Turn off the heaters or select "cooldown" from the Prepare menu on the Viki.

  8. Soak the nozzle in ACETONE in an acetone safe container. Check the part periodically to see if the blockage has cleared, you should be able to see light through it. DO NOT use any tools to try and clean out the nozzle, damage inflicted on the nozzle or hot end by the user is not covered under the Airwolf warranty policy. If the blockage cannot be cleared, a replacement can be ordered here.

  9. Screw the nozzle back in with the spring washers. Make sure the screws are snug so there is no leakage in the nozzle. Use the pliers to prevent accidental rotation of the hot end.