1) Heat your hot end to the temperature of the filament currently loaded in your machine (example; 240C for ABS). 

  • This can be done through the viki screen by going to Control<Temperature<Nozzle 1.


2) Squeeze the latch on the extruder assembly, remove the pin and set it aside.

  • Push the latch on your printer fully open so the hobbed bolt (bolt that drives the filament) does not catch while removing the filament. 




3) Once the hot end is fully up to temperature, pull the filament out from the bottom of the extruder assembly.

  • The hot end MUST be up to temperature of the current filament loaded in the printer. If filament is removed cold or not to the correct temperature, this can cause damage to the hot end. 

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.