Here are the components for the Axiom Extruder Assembly

Take the bearing, place it on the rod, with one washer on each side.

Place the bearing (with rods and washers) into the ABS bearing holder. Insert 1 spring as shown below.

Insert the other spring into the Acrylic piece, and place the ABS bearing holder on top. Both springs should now be inserted. 

Attach the spring cap, with 2 screws, as shown below:

Tighten the spring cap

Insert the hex nuts on the other side.

Insert the 3 metal screws through the ABS bearing holder, through the acrylic, and into the hex nuts. 

Tighten the 3 screws.

Gather the 2 additional washers, and the C clip. 

Place the 2 washers on the hobbed bolt.

Add the C clip

Place the 2 Acrylic pieces onto the Extruder Assembly

The extruder assembly can now be reattached to the printer.